I learned this week that olive trees can live longer than 2000 years. We have olive trees from before the time of Christ.

If these trees could tell us their story, if they could speak to us of what they have witnessed, what would they say?

The sad news is that many of these trees have been afflicted by a disease and are dying.

This breaks my heart. I felt this news like a physical pain in my being.

For while scientists do not know exactly what is causing their death, they do know that it is as a result of human interference with the ecology and ecosystem in which the trees have lived and thrived.

The young barista who makes my morning coffee is from this region in Italy, and he too is heartbroken.

What world are we leaving for your children’s children?

Perhaps it is time for us to write a new story about humanity, economy (the care of the home – our home – spaceship Earth) and thriving? Perhaps it is time, as Kate Raworth points to in her book, Doughnut Economics – that we place humanity and Earth as the central purpose of our daily life. Not the pursuit of GDP growth, or monetary/status/power-over growth.

This is the economy I desire to contribute to, to co-create.


Photo Taken May 31st 2018

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