An ode to artisan

There are some things that simply must not be scaled. To do so would be to violate the Pattern Integrity of the art.

Hand crafted-over-three-day-croissants for example. An experience I get to eat every Saturday morning.

Into the croissant goes the tender touch, the love and care of the baker. Human touch on excellently sourced ingredients, the intention to give the customer an injection of love in the eating.

To put the process into a machine and press a series of buttons takes us away from source… from care and love. 

Alchemy has been quested since the beginnings of human time, not because it is some mumbo jumbo, rather because our souls know that food and service and products prepared with great love carry the great love with them, infusing our being as we experience them.

The farmer who raises his or her crop with tenderness gifts the eater with qualities beyond price.

Our yearning for the artisan, the farm to plate, the connection with the maker, is our yearning to experience love, care and beauty infused into the art.

We are literally malnourished Souls, stuffed full of empty calories, empty experiences…longing for the good, the true and the beautiful, all found closer to Source.

We need our artisans and craft persons, the non industrial farmer, the clothing line that respects the past, present and future…

And we desperately need to find ways to ensure these small artisan businesses are enabled to thrive…to never scale…to never lose the human touch. 

Photo taken May 20th, 2018


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