Quintessence and Pattern Integrity

Quintessence = Pure essence, the substance of which the heavenly bodies are composed,” literally “fifth essence.”

Our elementary self, our quintessence, that part of ourselves that lives through every form of cultural attempt to shape us..present from birth. 

Some call it our archetypal nature. I have a friend who is undoubtedly the clown. And another, the diplomat.

I am and will remain a pioneer and visionary. Water is my home element. 

Bucky Fuller called this our Pattern Integrity. The invisible, weightless pattern that is part of every existence, be that a bee, an oak tree, a stone or an idea. 

Our human impulse is to create things to be in the form that we want them to be. Not to allow them to be in the form, the Pattern Integrity, that is already present and needs stewarding to become fully manifest.

This would be like imposing sport on an artistic, sensitive child to fit the shape of the parents ambition.

To attune to the Pattern Integrity, the quintessence, of that which we have been given the responsibility of stewarding, is to honour the soul of creation.

The role requires deep listening and the ability to transcend our own egoic desire to impose our ideals onto that which we are stewarding.

Not the form, rather create the ecology, the field, into which the quintessence flourishes. 

At Syntropic World we do this through the application of the Trust Manifesto, which says, by crossing this threshold, we agree as a community to be with each other in this way, and in so doing create the ecology we seek that will enable both the idea we are stewarding, and each other, to thrive.

Photo taken November 10th 2020

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