What does it mean to be a loser?

I can only be a loser if my life is about winning and being part of the in group. 

I need to be the best, to be part of the tribe, to fit into the cultural game. Everyone who is not part of this tribe, the in group, is in the out group. The pariah.

We want to be accepted, to be part of a tribe, to belong. And we want to win in some areas.

Until we do not. 

Eventually we might discover that winning creates losers, which will surely at some stage include us, and that rather than the pleasure of superiority, we might find pleasure in service.

To be a loser is to buy into a story of better than, superiority over, and win lose games.

To play an infinite game, to be of service to, to desire that deep connection that comes when we do great work for others, has no place for a thought, ‘loser.’

Out of our generosity and care for others we are released from the anguish of losing. 

Photo taken November 11th 2020

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