Power thrives on deception and illusion

Mind is not separate from heart and feelings. Those who have spent a lifetime dampening down the signals of the mind and only attending to feelings, or those who have built a life on thinking and refuse to feel, are equally handicapped.

An integrated human uses mind, heart and intuition as sense making apparatus. 

In previous models of education humans were taught to think, to challenge and debate opposing ideas, to question the questions, to be aware of assumptions. Our education system stripped this type of sense making out, for citizens who question the questions are non-compliant and considered dangerous by those who profit from power.

Add to this the ability to evolve our emotional intelligence, to observe our own emotional triggers and see them as signals to an inner dissonance that is likely to require further investigation.

Yesterday I had the privilege of being on a panel for Cambridge University Cambridge Zero event with Tyson Yunkaporta and Angus Forbes, moderated by my good friend Cindy Forde. The final question, ‘what can we do to prevent future generations needing 1000 years to clean up our mess?’….Tyson gave the answer I believe was the most valuable. We need to rapidly improve our capacity to be advanced sense makers.

All of us are trapped, like it or not, in some superior algorithm that feeds us more fuel for our belief fire. Not only do we need to see this for what it is, we then need to burst the bubble of our own algorithmic cage, and explore wide and deep those areas that we have, till now, believed to be true.

Power thrives on deception and illusion. We must recognise that we are under a spell. 

Photo taken November 12th 2020

Watch the Cambridge Zero session here.

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