The distinction between Purpose and Idea

In our work at Syntropic World we make a clear distinction between our evolutionary (transformative) purpose, which gives us direction and creates tension between where we are and where we want to go, and the idea to achieve this purpose.

Sometimes the purpose comes first. For example, with the remarkable company, Outland Denim, founder James Bartle was moved by the purpose to end slavery. He sat in the question of how to do this for a long time. The source idea was to create an ethical denim company, based out of Cambodia.

With others the Source Idea arrives first and the purpose becomes evident as the idea takes form. Our idea might be a technology to inspire transcontexual dialogue, honouring multiple domains of value, or educating young people.

An idea on its own is ephemeral. It needs the steward of the idea (or stewards) to bring it to form.

When it is married with directionality, towards a clear purpose, we now have created a vector of movement, an organising principle. We call that the vector of power. Power in this case meant as the ability to act and influence. The coherence of this vector creates a field of attraction, just as a currency flow creates a field. 

Between the idea (present) and the purpose (future) there are infinite options of the right form to be taken to bring the idea to life. 

Our role as the steward of the idea is to atune to the idea and the larger field and ecology in which we are cultivating that idea to be sure that the form created gives it the best opportunity to move with coherence towards our purpose.

Photo taken November 13th 2020

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