To create, create the conditions in which what we are creating can appear

A seed will lie dormant for thousands of years, waiting…waiting…waiting…

Until that moment when the conditions of life are present.

So often we spend time on the thing we are creating, neglecting in the process the field and ecology in which our thing is being created.

Children (and adults) with access to environments of safety, love, respect, dignity and clear boundaries have the capacity to direct their energy towards engaging with life.

Children (and adults) who are in constant anxiety invest their survival energy on remaining hyper vigilant, all other skills secondary.

An idea for an enterprise needs the right set of conditions, the moment in time, the field cultivated to hold it as it stumbles from seed to sprouting.

The steward leader needs to be skilled at attuning to this moment, knowing that to rush in, to impose a human constructed time line is like throwing a baby into a pool expecting swimming.

People who work with soil and seasons know this skill. 

There is a gestation, a timing, a season and fertile soil…followed by the right amount of sun, water, temperature…

Each human is the same. Given the right ecology, we can thrive, if we choose.

Photo taken November 1st 2020

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