A simple time tested formula

Imagine if you were, on this day, going to be given the opportunity to be part of the very thing you have dreamed of for years. That today the green lights of your life all switched on simultaneously. 

How would you prepare to begin your day if you knew?

Would you be sure to get enough sleep, to wake refreshed, rather than pulled from the darkness by an alarm?

Would you have chosen to eat an energising, made with love meal the night before, avoided too much alcohol, unplugged from the drama cycle of news propaganda?

What would be the first thing you did when you woke? Check your email? Or social media? 

Or would you, having slept well and long enough, jump from bed, eager to embrace the day by getting out in nature, moving your body, and eating a nourishing breakfast?

No matter the weather, the circumstances, we can ensure that we start the day well.

If, when the first few hours of your morning are over, you have started off embracing life, wellness, vitality, beauty, movement…no matter what happens for the rest of the day, you are already ahead.

And if the times have been hard, and moving from bed into life is an effort, at the least, begin by committing to start your day well.

It’s a simple time tested formula. 

Enough sleep

Get out in nature and move your body

Eat a healthy breakfast


Photo taken November 22nd 2020


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