Healthy boundaries bring out the best in people

Give a young child zero boundaries, zero consequences and they will fail to learn that boundaries and holding structure creates a greater field of creativity and freedom than the one that does not have them.

To be completely undisciplined, to live in constant chaos, is to wander in circles.

Life, evolution, has a direction. Direction needs some structure. Not too much, because that squeezes out creativity and brings in rigidity, and not too little, because that creates chaos and confusion.

Getting the tension of the structure right is the challenge of a parent, a steward leader, and an individual seeking to create a meaningful life.

Bucky Fuller called this tensegrity. The dance between tension and compression, tension and integrity.

When people demand their freedoms while refusing to accept that all freedom comes with a boundary structure, including responsibility, they are actually asking for unbridled chaos. As long as I get mine, I don’t care about you.

All systems, societal, human, individual, require this polarity between tension and compression, between no rules and rules, between rights and responsibilities.

Healthy boundaries bring out the best in people. Learning to live in boundaries that support increased wellbeing for Earth and all her creatures, including living within the boundaries of our home planet, is essential to growing up.

Photo taken November 24th 2020