Small touches, lasting impressions…

Often times it is not the big magnanimous gesture made with flashes of colour and noise that leave a lasting impact.

It is the gentle touch.The kind smile. The thoughtful inquiry. The willingness to put down what had been absorbing us and simply to listen, as if you were the recipient of the most important piece of information in your entire life.

How easy it is to dismiss our value. Our individual capacity to affect change. To turn the tides of humanity toward the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

The task is so big…and we are merely one small one…

A marathon is easily run one step at a time.

Smile, listen, reach out, witness, take a small step.


Infect others with your unwavering active commitment to small…repeated.

The wheels turn.




Photo taken November 24th 2018

Podcast for this week, Brad Dunne, Being a man is secondary to being a human being.

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