We need new models, new maps, new mindsets

Your heart bursts with excitement. 

The thing you are creating, this idea that arrived into the deep crevices of your being, saying in a persistent whisper….I am here and you will bring me to life..

…keeps you awake at night, has you work with love and wholehearted commitment towards it being brought to life in a way that ensures its success.

This idea holds the vision of a different world, one where there is zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction, zero colonisation…a world that leaves everything better.

Yet the moment we attempt to impose on this idea a model from the world/paradigm our very idea is seeking to change, we have violated, even to a micro degree, the very Pattern Integrity of the idea.

For example…the moment you reach out to venture capitalists, the moment you decide you need to create the typical business plan to get investors, the spreadsheets and projections…all fiction, but part of the fairy story required to satisfy the money, the moment you smother this idea with a limited liability structure…there is a likely chance your idea will not reach the escape velocity required to have it stand for true transformation and not incremental change.

It is akin to taking a creative child and placing her in a dark, cold, bare room. No colour, no interaction, no tools to play.

The time has passed where we can build a world with future for Earth and all her creatures using the models that got us to this place that we seek to transcend. 

We need new models, new maps, new mindsets. Legal. Governance. Enterprise design. Currency. Funding and provisioning. Accounting for value….

This is what is being created at Syntropic World by a global community of amazing people.

Photo taken November 25th 2020

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