It is as perfect a day as possible.

The sky clear, not a breath of wind. The Pacific auditioning to become a lake.

Not too hot. Yet Summer is demanding her time on the annual stage. You can feel she will be bringing her biggest heat ever and all the entourage that comes with that. Fires, death, drought, destruction.

Nature saying to mortals. “Every illusion you might have of dominion over me will be shattered.”

Yet in the corridors of power the caricature of dominant man walks with a hubris that can only come with wilful ignorance.

In the streets of London Town, people gather to insist on change.

The media is silent.

Not for long.

We the people are finding our voice. The people virus demanding change spreads.

Become activists, stay peaceful. Demonstrate what dignified change and the insistence on being heard sounds like.

It is humanities future we are charged to protect.

It is the most perfect of days. I let it flood my senses, drinking it all in, never knowing if there might be another day like this.


Photo taken November 26th 2018

Podcast for this week, Brad Dunne, Being a man is secondary to being a human being.

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