Today is a day to celebrate the misfits, the fridge dwellers, the frontier seekers.

Those who refuse to be the status quo. Those who seek frontiers of human possibility that add to all life, knowing that life is emergence.

To stay still is decay.

In times past the explorers sailed across a flat horizon, perhaps to dip over the edge of the earth into empty space? Their quest was the undiscovered. A story that no one they knew had yet written.

People who live in the comfort of the status quo will find your mission ridiculous. They will ridicule.

And if they fear their safe existence will be effected by your adventures, they will do what they can to tear you down.

Yet we pioneers keep our eyes focused on the horizon. The arrows of ridicule do not deter, at least, not for long.

We see something ahead. It might defy words.

The poets and misfits hold a space for human dignity, all human and Earth thriving.

Peace. Love. Beauty.

I wonder, why is this aspiration so feared?



Photo taken November 27th 2018



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