To Steward Creation

The ancient Greek word for truth was Aleithia, which means not to forget.

To be true to ones self means to not forget our Patten Integrity, the unique thread of our body mind soul, present from the beginning.

To be true to the Source Idea that you seek to animate, to breath life into, means to not forget the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea.

Every element of creation has its own Pattern Integrity. The unable-to-be-separated-from weightless and invisible pattern that holds the shape, the integrity, of its existence in form.

To steward creation, be it our own lives, the lives of those we are guardians to, or the coming into being of an idea, requires an intimate communion with the Pattern integrity of that which we are stewarding.

This communion is not a one way conversation, rather it is an exquisite dialogue with the Pattern Integrity, held in the field in which it is to be created, towards the future that will enable flourishing.

Photo taken November 2nd 2020

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