Failure is only true when we turn our backs on the richness of its offering

I have a medical science degree that took six very full years to obtain. 

While it did not cost me dollars or debt, for at that time tertiary education in Australia was free, it cost six years of time, and a large tax payer expense.

Was it a waste of time, effort, resources, money? 

Not at all…I have gained so much from this degree. Even while my life took a very different turn.

People invest their lives into a business, a cause, a story, a lie, a theory, a relationship.…and one day find that it no longer serves them or is true, or fulfilling. 

Do we keep going at the grind….because…the cost? 

Do we keep investing in the thing…even as we go broke, because we have invested all of our capital…and perhaps another week…another try, and it will turn around?

At what point, if any, does the person who profits from telling massive lies decide that it is time to put down the lie, and invest in other things?

How do we wake from the grip of fantasy, seduction, ‘what-if?’….and turn ninety degrees towards another future?

Is the cost ever truly lost? 

The cost is done. 

I wonder this as I see those who jumped deep into conspiracy theory early in the COVID pandemic. Those who thrive from telling absolute lies with a carelessness that is breathtaking, not giving one wink to the consequences on others as long as the lie is self serving.

Those bogged so completely in the sunk cost that the escape route seems impossible.

Failure is only true when we turn our backs on the richness of its offering and decide to stay stuck in it.

Photo taken November 30th 2020

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