Searching for what?

We might know we are searching, but we don’t know for what.

Until it arrives.

There it is. What we had been looking for.

We know that we could not have been able to describe it, until it was found.

We can use vague words, paint images, tune into the feeling.

But until we hold it in our hands, feel it in our bones, move around its energy field with our senses, we could never know.

It is the nature of the emerging Universe.

If you have a place inside that is searching….a space…a sense of certainty that it is out there..this thing, or person, or project, or role…our job is to hold the space. Hold..hold..hold.

Nature has its own gestation. We cannot force that.

We can only care for the field, the conditions, that might make our space inside inviting to be found. Care to it. Speak to it. Feel its contours. Clean it to from anything that doesn’t belong. Tune in to Kairos time.

Hold. Hold. Hold.

And then, in the still of not expecting arrival, arrival happens.


Photo taken November 29th 2018


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