What power looks like today – Power appears to be held by the corporations and the legal structures that support them, the media who tell the story they want, and the equity and pension funds who own the corporations. Politicians are at the beck and call of these false gods of power.

The people, the commons, so tired of being  hollowed out by the power…losing their voice to the power, losing their dignity to honest work, quality health care, education…have voted for anything that is NOT the power, or perceived as being the power. 

Brexit/Trump was their opportunity for the first time to speak against the neoliberal establishment.

History tells the story again and again. Rob the people of the opportunity to dignity, honest work, a good return for their taxes..and eventually they will revolt.

False power profits from obfuscation, magic tricks, keeping people lost in the confusion of big complex words and mumbo jumbo of legal contracts and the carefully woven spell of advertising and marketing that keeps us enslaved to some mythical life.

The spell is breaking. The False power is nervous. The cracks are everywhere. 

When we the people realised that we have always held the power, simply by nature of our numbers, the tides will turn.

It is no surprise that Star Wars has captured the imagination of so many. It is our story, writ as a metaphor.

Here is to the Rebel Forces. My the Force be wth you.

Photo taken November 12th 2017


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