It takes a lifetime or more to know the contours and nuances of love.

Our English language is so inadequate in capturing the many types of love, the many colours of love….

For a child

For the beauty of a rose

For our Earth and its creatures

For our friends

For the joy of our work

For our beloved….

If we connect with love we might feel it as a field, a wave, a flow, a shape. It might make our cells soften, surrender, dance. 

It can hold longing, joy, happiness, grief…and sometimes all together.

Love expands us…it seems to arise from the space of our heart, yet spreads outwards..with the capacity to fill a room, or possibly…the Universe. It is for this reason, if reason is the right word, that love cannot be measured, dissected, sliced and diced and sold in the market place.


For we know, somewhere in our bones, that the moment we seek to put love on the market we have debased the last bastion of humanity.

The mystics speak of love as the field of fields that hold all fields together…the metaphysical gravity. 

Absent love life ceases. 

Act with love. Speak with love. Cultivate love. Be love. Build and design enterprises based on love…for if not this…then what? Profit without love is exploitation.

We have, even in the worst of circumstances, the choice to do this…very day.

In this way, simple as it is, we can be light, love and the difference that makes a difference.

We can build enterprises and communities where love is the glue, the field, and the first and main act. The future generations asks this of us…


Photo taken November 4th, 2019 


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