Where is the love?

A Course in Miracles says that anything that is not love is a cry for help. 

By this definition here are billions of people crying for help right now. 

Angry people. Lonely people. People who feel threatened by the other, be that the person of colour, religion, appearance, gender….

There are people who are so focused on their own survival, or keeping their own loot in fear of loosing it to the other ‘less deserving’ by some measure that is rooted in propagated scarcity.

There is no saviour, no winged hero…no strong man swooping from the heavens to rescue.

There is you and me…us.

And if we are going to create a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures, we need to see those crying for help….and create pathways of dignity, respect, education, edification, humanity….

No longer trying to fix the extremely broken, rather to build the new. 

We have not a moment to loose. Everything, our precious beautiful life on earth is in the balance.

To build a Syntropic World, where love is the metaphysical gravity that holds the shape of this world. 

But first, we must deeply understand the cry for help.

Photo taken November 5th 2020

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