An ode to character, decency, humanity

The character of patience, playing the long game, being of service to someone other than self, compassion, genuine humility…

Cannot be overstated. 

People who believe the world is theirs for the taking, irregardless of consequence, who care naught for anyone other than self, who would rather see their own bank account inflate as they watch so many others deflate, who see winning over as the only option, are not yet aware they are playing a game that has a hard end. 

The math does not work. You cannot take infinitely from the finite. You cannot oppress endlessly without an eventual uprising which turns the tables. You cannot underpay for decades and expect those underpaid to be able to afford your goods and services.

Anger creates more anger.

Generosity creates generosity.

Kindness creates kindness.

Decency builds more decency.

Laughter propagates laughter. 

Love creates more love.

We get to choose the world we want. 

Today decency prevailed.

Photo taken November 9th 2016

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