Laughing wholeheartedly as you fall to get back up is an affirmation of life

Show me a child who takes those first steps, falls down and quits? 

Where does this behaviour begin, where we try something, fall down, and pay attention to either the voice in our head saying this is impossible, or listen to those around us who use shame and failure as a badge of such inadequacy that we fear failing ever again? So we fail to even try. 

And if we do try and fail we cannot accept our failure. We obfuscate, hide, blame, deny.

To watch a child throw everything at learning to walk…to watch a child paint or sing or play without fear of failing, is to watch freedom in creativity. Often accompanied by joy and laughter.

The irony is that freedom can only be present when we are free of the opinions of others mattering. When we choose our path as a sovereign human who has intrinsic value, no need to prove ourselves to anyone. 

That little bird inside us, the one that can soar into the heavens, cross oceans, dive into valleys, wants to fly. 

If we do not become advocates for ourselves, if we allow others opinions to rule our lives, we become trapped. 

Bust out of the cage. Fly, fall down, learn, fly again. And be sure to laugh all the way, even as you fall. Falling is so much fun when you are more committed to the journey to fly. 

Laughing wholeheartedly as you fall to get back up is an affirmation of life.

Photo taken November 9th 2020

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