This day will never come again

Today is the tenth day of the tenth month of the year 2020. The numbers, in some other calendar, are arbitrary.

Yet there is something to consider about this day. 

It will never come again. 

Nor will yesterday, or tomorrow.

I think about what I do with my days, with my time. I have been thinking about how I am getting sucked into the twitter sphere of US politics. The addictive dopamine hit, watching the lunatics running riot. Is this the best way to spend my time?

It is not. 

We have a future to build. We have work to do. We have stories to tell, actions to take.

The lunacy of our current geopolitics is entertaining, a circus.

We can do better. 

This day will never come again. As Mary Oliver asked, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 

Today, this moment, now…is a good time to begin.

It is a good time to put down the distractions and turn towards the more beautiful world that we know we can help create.

Against the backdrop of the ill considered, the reptilian responses, the ugly made manifest… to create beauty, integrity…to show up wholeheartedly towards this.

Happy 10-10-2020. Make it memorable.

Photo taken October 10th 2020

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