There is a line.

It is invisible.

By design.

Once crossed, lying, cheating, stealing, harming, abusing…gets easier, little by little.

Every human comes to this line at many stages and phases of their life. And they know it.

As children, we play with the line. How far can it be pushed? Who will speak if we cross it? What will they say and do? Is it worth the punishment and shame if we do cross it? Or will no one really care?

If no one really cares does it matter? Even if a part of me feels it was wrong to cross? Am I able to silence and numb the part of me that feels weird about crossing the line? And if I continue to cross the line can I suppress the uncomfortable feelings enough so that they go away?

Justice is about determining where the line is. Justice asks us as humanity to know there is a line and to set parameters and consequences for the crossing of it.

When those people assigned to hold the office of Justice cannot see the line because they have crossed it many times and are desensitised to its existence, it is up to those of us who honour the line as the defining act of a moral, ethical human to draw the line out loud so it can be seen by all for what it is.

The divide between humanity as decent, respectful citizens caring for the wellbeing of Earth and ALL its creatures, or where winning for self serving purposes at any price is all that matters.

**Appropriating public iconic buildings, our Common Wealth, for the use of commercial advertising of an industry that requires gambling to succeed, is a line crossed. The Sydney Opera House belongs to ALL people of Australia, and as a work of art, it’s beauty might be enhanced to showcase works of art. To showcase the racing industry debases our Common Wealth.

Photo taken October 10th 2018

Podcast for this week, Dad. Democracy Warrior. Revolutionary. Founder MiVote, Adam Jacoby.

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Beauty is best when shared. Your friends and colleagues might be delighted to receive a daily Beauty antidote to the current news cycle. They can sign up here. 

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