In the sheer beauty of delight, laughter is contagious

We humans are complex. Within us is a cast of characters, some who remain hidden, others who lead, and others who show up at the most inappropriate times.

No matter our age, we all have a child within. That child can be a brat, throwing tantrums when we do not get our way. Or a nature child, blissed out by bees. An eternal child, a Peter Pan, refusing to grow up. A playful child, full of mischief and delight.

Finding avenues for our child to come out and play in healthy ways….to discard the responsibilities of the grown up, even for a moment, to roll around on the floor laughing, to delight in the silly…to play…this is critical for our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

If we do not allow this the dark side of our child will show up in very inappropriate ways. We will throw tantrums, tell stories filled with alternative facts, disintegrate into the bully in the playground.

Lucky am I to have found a partner and playmate whose inner child and mine are so delightfully matched. 

I have not laughed so hard at such crazy, silly, delightfully stupid things in decades. The child in me plays with such freedom and ease….not required to be smart, intelligent, upright, responsible. Just for a moment. 

An observer from the outside might think we are entirely crazy…yet in the sheer beauty of delight, laughter is contagious. 

Oh, to laugh…now that is an antidote to so much of human created ills. 

Photo taken October 11th 2020

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