We may not know how it will happen, when it will happen, who will be a part of its creation. When we have no doubt, when every single fibre of our being knows that it will happen, we carry with us an energetic arrow that cuts through naysayers and doubters who seek to twist us from our path.

We stand strong in no doubt

Different from the egoic hubris that projects no doubt, yet has doubt deep in our bones. 

No doubt is when doubt cannot be found hiding even in our marrow.

It is clarity breathing.

No doubt is resolute, it transmits..when we walk into any space with no doubt the room, the space, the people.. know…

To be in a place of no doubt is quite rare. With many initiatives and engagements we have doubt, which does’t mean it is not worth pursing, nor that it might fail.

No doubt, the highest frequency of action, is an experience to be honoured, respected and carried through.

We, the humble stewards of its animation. 

When you have moments of no doubt, treat them with the respect and love you would your greatest creation. Pay exquisite attention to what is needed and wanted to bring this no doubt thing to life. 

Then do it. And be in awe. 

Photo taken October 11th, 2019


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