If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we would rise rooted, like trees.

If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we would rise rooted, like trees. Rainer Maria Rilke, The Book of Hours

In our work at Syntropic World we are attempting, with both the idealism of deep passion and the practicality of action, trial, re-learning, deep listening and reverence, to apply the laws of nature, the laws of the land, of Universe, of how things work, to human enterprise. 

Our current models are human constructed, and have served purposes that while on the one hand have enabled me to type these words that reach you, the reader….yet on the other, have resulted in the extinction of too, too many species, the destruction of too much beauty, and the domination of so very few over so many. And in the doing, gouging out chunks of connectivity and reverence for the extraordinary beauty of humans, of life…leaving us desiccated, fractured, untethered.

In my bones, my Soul, I believe with unwavering commitment that we can do better. That we can turn to laws we cannot argue with, gravity, synergy, precession, currency, photosynthesis…laws that live in mathematics, in geometry, in music..the operating principles of Universe..laws that live in our bodies..our bones, our ancestors and the future.

We can find the humility to surrender to Earths intelligence, the patterns within patterns, the song of the wind, the cycles of the seasons, the flow of the oceans, of currents, the dynamic balance of polarities, the networked systems that dance together…

We can rise, rooted, like trees.

Photo taken October 13th 2020

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