To everything there is a season…

When life feels broken, we forget the cycles. That this too shall pass.

Day to night. Night to day. Warm to hot. Hot to cold.


Wisdom would have us follow the seasons…

In fallow times get busy preparing. In busy times take care of self to make it through. These actions are counterintuitive.

How easy is it in fallow times to get lazy? And in busy times to go so hard we break?

Fallow times are an opportunity to clean out, learn, reach out, meet, plan, create. Prepare the ground. Build habits that will sustain when the season changes.

Busy times require pacing, discipline, extreme self care. Good food, sleep, movement.

Life is a cycle, ideally a spiral, emergent, towards a higher order of wisdom. But only when we cultivate the ground for this to be so.

Photo taken October 15th, 2019


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