The danger of thinking for yourself

Is that we all live in our own bubble. It takes a community of minds working together synergistically.

The caveat of course is who is our community, and what is their sense making apparatus? 

Does the community remain open? For with rare exception, most truths are partial and evolving.

Think about something that you once believed with an absolute conviction that you later learned was not true. It might have been that deep conviction you had as a child that a monster lived under the bed. Or it might have been more current. 

To create a healthy community that explores the meta issues of our times, that sits in chunky questions knowing the whole answer is unlikely, that has designed opportunity for polarity and diversity, not as an antagonistic divisive tool, but in order to hold the shape of our collective sense making, integrity and emergence, requires a clear intention, and a holding structure, an architecture, that breaths and grows as our collective intelligence grows.

Only when we have explored the edges, listened deeply to others, sort to understand, challenged our own absolutism, poked our egoic attachment, listened to the wind, the birds, the land….might we begin to think for ourselves.

And then we return again to the community of sense making…because everything is changing.

**One of the many tools we deploy in Syntropic World is a framework for a community of sense making and collaboration called the Trust Manifesto. The Syntropic Masterclass is designed to understand the features of this Manifesto.

Photo taken October 16th 2020

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