To walk the territory of beloved friend

There is a blind spot in the retina of the human eye.

We are all blind to elements of our self. 

The Buddhist tradition speaks of the Kalyana-mitra, the ‘noble friend.’ The Kalyana-mitra will not allow you to get away with pretension, behaviours and acts that live within our blind spot.

We all need this reflection. To be held by love that asks us to be more all-seeing of self. 

Our Kalyana-mitra is our complimentary pair, committed to enabling the best in us by pointing out that which we cannot see.

We can only change what we know and see. That about us that we are unaware of keeps us from making the changes towards our wholeness.

This type of relationship, where in our deep friendship and love we become Kalyana-mitra’s for each other, is precious and sacred.

The act of speaking truth to someone of their blind spot is to care more about them than what they think of us in that moment. To do it with elegance, skill, and exquisite care is to walk the territory of beloved friend.

Photo taken October 18th 2020

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