When we look back at aspects of our life we might see behaviours that have us cringe.

Moments or months of selfishness, arrogance, hubris, fluency in criticism, entitlement, even cruelty.

If we can see these behaviours we have the capacity to end them. It is in the not seeing that we are lost in their tangle.

In the grande scheme of life justice often happens on heavens time. Patience is required.

The essence of humility will take the arrogance within us and bring us to our knees. As our face hits the dirt, there, breathing in dank soil of shame, the seeds of humility might grow.

The essence of entitlement will take everything from us, and then throw us into the crowd of the hungry – the crowd of people without access to all the privilege of knowledge, rank, education, and money. Here we might discover that reaching great heights by climbing over the broken backs of others has a price called humanity. And, shock of all shocks, we too are humanity. Those backs are now ours.

Invite humility before it knocks you to your knees.

Invite kindness when you are at your most selfish.

See yourself in your visceral reactions to others transgressions. Clean house. Be the kind, the humble, the gracious, the generous. Be the voice that speaks and acts against those who profit off the broken backs and souls of our fellows.



Photo taken October 28th 2016


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