We are the wayfinders

Heaven is my father and earth is my mother, and I, a small child, find myself placed intimately between them.

What fills the Universe I regard as my body; what directs the Universe I regard as my nature.

All people are my brothers and sisters; all things are my companions.

Zhang Zai, Song China (1000 years ago)

In his remarkable book, A Patterning Instinct, Jeremy Lent takes the reader on a journey of humanities search for meaning. 

It is difficult to read this book without recognising that our Western meaning making constructs have thrived from separation of humans from the greater web and system of life, nature, universe.

Indigenous means to be within a system of two, or to be within (not separate from) a productive or creative complimentary system of relationship.

It is time we as humanity restored our indigenous relationship with all life. To not do this is to negate beauty, nature, birdsong, fresh water.

This does not mean that we go back in time, rather that we invite wisdom of those who lived as indigenous to the whole to guide us as we navigate this restored partnership. That we start with an intrinsic intention to partner with all life, an increase in wellbeing for earth and all her creatures as we evolve humanity.

There are no maps…we are the way finders. The greater song of Universe is our guide.

Jeremy Lent is our next guest on the Syntropic Alumni +Open call, Wednesday 18th November at 2pm Pacific, which is Thursday 19th November at 9AM AEDT. You can register here. https://syntropic.world/alumnicall/

Photo taken October 20h 2020

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