Confronting truth

Can be one of the hardest acts we do as humans.

To face what we do not want to face. Someone we love has betrayed us. We have betrayed ourselves.

We have been seduced by ‘too good to be true’ stories.

We so wanted to believe in another story. We put our faith in something, to discover that it was hollow ground.

To have the foundation of our existence to this point be ripped from under us can be experienced as a violence to our identity.

Who am I without this? How did I allow myself to be seduced? When did I first become aware of the betrayal and yet resisted looking at it?

There is great liberation in the confrontation of truth. Seeing what is enables us to then choose a story for our whole hearted self.

It is hard. Hard. Hard. Yet it builds the backbone of our being.

Photo taken October 20th 2018

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