Evidence of an addiction is the inability to go without, and even if you can go without, you cannot stop thinking about that which you are going without. 

Technology has filled our lives. It is designed to hook us, for us to feel that it controls us.

To take a digital Shabbat – one day a week where there are no screens, no phones, no social media – is to place ourselves as the sovereign user of technology.

Precessionally we get to do things we love. Like talk to people intimately. Read a book, cook a meal and share it with loved ones, go for walks, learn a skill, laugh, make leisurely love.

Might we need to warn people of our inaccessibility? Create other ways around the ever constant need to be on and available? Probably. But worth in for the ability to slow down, get off the addict cycle and re-learn how to engage with the analogue world of humans, nature, beauty and contemplation.

Photo taken October 21st, 2019


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