The act of stewardship

What becomes revealed at the end of a life fully lived is a story that was trying to surface all along. Michael Mead

This is the tragi-comedy…that a life often does not make sense until we face its end.

We know there is something integral to our being, our Pattern Integrity, our ‘us-ness’ that is evident from birth. 

We have a purpose, a unique expression, a contribution to make. No human, even those with pathology, are mere accessories. 

The question is…how do we as parents, teachers, guardians… of children, others, ourselves.. cultivate the field in which this Pattern Integrity is able to bloom.

Similarly, if we are the vessels of an idea, a Source Idea, that animates action and keeps that action animated against the odds of everything that conspires to shut it down, how do we cultivate the field for the ideas Pattern Integrity to bloom?

As parents, stewards, custodians, guardians…our ultimate responsibility is towards the cultivation of this field. It is challenging work. 

It requires deep listening, extraordinary patience, wisdom, attenuation….in service to this other that is not us..but needs us to co-create this ecology, and as such is intimately connected to us….

This is the act of stewardship. 

Photo taken October 21st 2020

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