Purpose, Intention, Outcome

There is a purpose for a meeting, a project, a gathering, an enterprise. A purpose provides direction. It has movement, it is a vector towards.

We hold an intention for this purpose to be made manifest, or we might hold an intention that we achieve this purpose with elegance. Intention is intimately wrapped in the arms of stewardship. It involves holding the shape, the Pattern Integrity for the Source Idea of the direction, the purpose we have chosen. The larger the purpose the more is required from stewarding an intention.

The outcome is going to consist of a host of things, experiences, evidence, able to be recorded immediately, or at some stage in the future. It is useful for a team to be clear on the features of the outcome as they commence the project. How will you know you have reached your purpose? How will you know right after the meeting, or the end of the project…and how will you know in six months or five years.

We have direction + holding shape = a future experience.

If we fail to take the time to attend to these key elements at the start, if we fail to become coherent and aligned, the shocks of neglect to do this will become evident. People will be playing in different contexts, hoping for many unexpected, unnamed outcomes, frustrated with the dissonance. 

To build endurance, we do the hard work at the beginning.

Photo taken October 22nd 2020

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