What do you measure?

What we measure indicates the focus of our attention, and as such what we value.

A measure of GDP- gross domestic product – fails to measure if the product is good or bad for people. The GDP will go up with more people getting health care (or sickness care), and through extreme events that require significant spending, such as natural disasters. 

There is so much we consciously and inadvertently measure. Social likes, cash in the bank, number of awards, access to important people, hours of sleep….

The challenge for today is to consider what you are measuring and if in the measuring of these things your life is richer.

Consider instead measuring what inspires you, moves, you, matters most to you.

We might measure time with loved ones, being present to beauty, daily spontaneous laughter, deep intimate connections and conversations, the feedback from our physical body, our choice to offer dignity, respect and integrity in the face of the absence of these…

Photo taken October 24th 2020

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