Orbit in love with that which we a gifted in birthing

If you have the chance today, examine a tree, the ocean, a wave, a flower, a river, an ant….

Even better, examine a whole scene of natures stage. Listen to birdcall. The wind in trees, a symphony.

Beauty has us fall to our knees in awe. Words rendered useless. Mind overcome. 

When we design or make something, be that a building, an artwork, an enterprise, if, after we have competed the major work, we step back and are not brought to our knees with the beauty of our creation, then we might know we have erred in our design.

There is a Pattern Integrity to beauty….not symmetry, not perfection, always changing, but clearly evident. 

There is a Pattern Integrity to all of our creations. A something that wants to be expressed in its essence. 

Our mistake as humans is to impose our will, our want, our ego, onto the Pattern Integrity of what is being created. 

Instead we might commune with it, partner with it, atune to it.

This is the work of the artist, the parent, the teacher, the steward leader….

To orbit in love with that which we are gifted in birthing.

Photo taken October 27th 2020

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