Where does the culture of a city live? Can it be found in the architecture? In the history? In the design of the streets? In the weather patterns? Is it brought alive in the food, the services on offer?

Culture is not something that can be broken into parts. And the parts, while able to build the whole, might be missing a critical ingredient as it constructs a culture.

Culture is the parts, the whole and the spaces between. 

How easy is it to forget the spaces between?

In a world seeking to break everything into parts, to measure and dissect, it is easy to forget that the glue, the interstitial spaces, the liminal…love…joy…anger…culture…will never be captured under a microscope…will defy measurement.

And will ultimately be the undoing of our quest for scientific rationalism to be the entire map. 

We long to live in a culture that honours and dignifies us…

In the end we all cry for love.

Photo Taken October 24th 2019


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