So often we grapple with issues with other humans. Something is not working in a relationship, be that personal or partnership, and we get stuck in what to say and do.

To speak what is present is not to project your own emotional retinue onto another, but to speak in your voice of what you are experiencing, feeling, anxious about, desiring to change. There is no blaming or shaming. Simply the stated experience.

We do this to not always get an outcome, but simply to presence what is true for us in this moment.

So often we make this simple act complex. We fear that our experience, our voice, our feelings and thinking, will be ridiculed, shamed, or inappropriate.

Or even worse, that it will be ignored as valid, and in that process feel invalidated as a human.

There is a beautiful seven step process to prepare yourself for this type of conversation. This is available in the Speak the Truth ebook which you can access here. www.syntropic.world/speakthetruth

The art of speaking what is present without projection, blaming, shaming, or intentionally injuring another is a learned skill. With the right tools, a thoughtfully considered context, and committed practise, we can all become better at having the most difficult conversations.

Photo taken October 2nd, 2019