Let us, in this hyper noisy world, carve out time to listen as worship

True listening is worship

So said Martin Heidegger. 

When we listen to the ocean of context behind words, to the human life lived, to the multi-dimensions of experience, we honour the other, and in so doing, we honour ourselves and our connectivity to the other.

Over the last few months a group of amazing humans who are on a collective journey to become Syntropic Coaches have been going through the Synergistic Accounting process, a foundation stone of the work we do in Syntropic World. Each week one person spends up to an hour speaking to the multi-dimensional layers of their life, responding to a series of questions about what they offer to this group, willingly and with full sovereignty, and what they seek for their offering. 

The process requires an embodied sense of safety because this level of sharing invites vulnerability and exposure. One of the elements that creates this safety is the willingness of all participants to be true listeners.

You have to want to listen, you must desire to give the other presence in their sharing. To truly listen means now is not the time to contemplate counter arguments to what is being said, to impose judgements upon, to dismiss the story as irrelevant, to respond to your overloaded inbox.

In our listening we, for a moment, put aside our interior conversation. We loose ourselves in the listening. I call this ‘listening until you no longer exist,’ which is one of the elements in the Dare to Care program.

This level of listening can be applied to ourselves….to listen to our Soul’s calling, every present, steady, but so often surpassed. 

And to turn and listen to the story of the wind, the scream of the oceans, the ambush of the koalas, the symphony of stars.

Let us, in this hyper noisy world, carve out time to listen as worship, and in doing return to attend to the good, the true and the beautiful.

Photo taken October 31st 2020

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