That subtle feeling of discomfort

Our bodies are one of the most refined instruments ever created. Their capacity to adapt to exquisite nano changes without our conscious input or awareness is beyond normal comprehension.

To refine our instrument, our bodies, to attend to the changes reflected in our biology, at the nano level, requires a lifetime of practise and commitment.

The athlete who overrides signals is not partnering with their body. They are dominating it. The athlete who tunes in, who learns through their training, the nuances of their individually organised biology, is approaching long term self mastery.

Our emotions are not separate to this signalling. That discomfort felt in the pit of your stomach is worthy of note. 

It might be speaking of a dissonance in the larger field of our life, a violation of our own pattern integrity. It might speak to our insistence of going east, when north west is calling.

It might be nudging us, quietly, to jump, when our small selves want to cling to what we know.

Or it might simply be asking us to call home.

Of course, over a life time, we might partition our biological signals, dumbing them down, ignoring them, keeping them from being fully present. We can do this through will, or by existing on junk – food – media – drugs…

They will not be silenced. They will reveal themselves under conditions of stress. 

In developing our evolving intelligence we might remember that cognitive intelligence is partial. Partnering with biological, physical and emotional intelligence…at minimum, enables us to live in an increasingly complex world.

The next time you become aware of that subtle feeling of discomfort, perhaps stay with it, speak to it, ask it of what it is communicating. There may be wisdom there.

Photo taken October 4th 2020


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