Have you ever paused to consider the Source metaphor of our culture?

And that if we perhaps changed the Source metaphor, we might change our entire relationship with everyone and everything?

If we hold the metaphor of the world as a machine, the Earth as an object for our use and pleasure, then our engagement with each other and the Earth will be one of clinical separation, extraction and exploitation. We will act as separate beings, we will measure everything, we will enable the scientific rational mind to rule, where anything that does not fit the model of science and precision is discarded.

Imagine instead if we held life as a giant spiders web. Exquisite in its design and creation. Jiggle the web in one small area, and the whole web has an awareness of the movement. All of us are part of the web. What you do affects me and vice versa. Even if I am on the very far side of the web, beyond your ability to know that I exist.

Imagine that the web has a harmonic to it. When the harmony is sweet, life flows. When the harmony is dissonant, life becomes bumpy.

If all of us are working towards increased harmony, then all of us have a sweeter life. The web becomes a thriving ecology.

Imagine dedicating your life to building harmony – to the good, the true, and the beautiful. This..this is our work, as individuals and as a collective. How sweet would that be?

Perhaps it is time to examine the Source story of our culture, and to craft a new one?

Photo taken October 6th 2018


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