Disintegration into a messy human heap

When people come together to co-create projects around a purpose they care deeply about we can assume we are going to treat each other with dignity and respect, or we can ensure that this is the ground agreement from day one.

Given that everything changes, unless you create a structure and framework for how people will be with each other from the beginning, you are extremely likely to hit a few significant hurdles somewhere down the track.

So many partnerships and teams are loath to do this. Or, they insist on a partnership agreement that is so expecting of mistrust down the track that it seeds mistrust from the beginning.

One of the non-negotiables that live in the Trust Manifesto agreement of Syntropic World is that of Clean Communication. Any person who feels an awareness that there is a charge being directed at them by another is responsible for cleaning that relationship up until there is no charge remaining.

Another is that we treat each other with respect, never intending to do harm, to lie, cheat, or back stab a single other person on the team.

And a third is we agree to the process of how we clean up interpersonal issues, well before they are even dreamed of happening.

If we do not establish this type of consensus agreement from the beginning we risk disintegration into the messy human heap. It is a very unpleasant place and can cost relationships, success, wellbeing and money.

Part of our work at Syntropic World is to support the creation of an enterprise architecture, a framework, that enables people to show up in their amazing agency, work within the community, and do so in an ecology that enables synergy. This is what the Trust Manifesto is designed to do.

Photo taken October 8th 2020