It is easy to hide behind sneering at others. To be the one who speaks with venom, blaming, shaming, criticising.

We can feel powerful in our nastiness, in our put-downs and tear-a-parts.

Yet spoken noise without action followed through is mostly an empty use of energy. It might give us a puffed up sense of self for a nanosecond, but little to zero value is offered.

To act towards a better life, a better world for others, greater transparency and symmetry of access and optionality of choice is an act of courage.

Precessionally, in our commitment to action towards something greater than self we will become a person respected. With time, we may even like who we are far better than when we hid behind our cynicism. 

Cynicism by its nature squeezes out optionality and our sovereign ability to lead change.

Photo taken October 4th, 2019


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