Trust does not live in a tight box, smothered by rules and constraints.

Trust lives within a field of spaciousness.

The field is defined by a set of values and agreements. The values are often solid and fixed. The agreements breath, requiring review and renegotiation.

Trust is a gift given as a first act. To respond in trust is to say yes to the ongoing health of the relationship.

“I want this relationship to evolve and develop. Therefore I will cultivate the field of trust with my actions and behaviours. If something creates dissonance in the field, I will take the first step to address it at the earliest moment I am aware of it.”

Ongoing trust is not a given. It is a moment by moment act of choice, a commitment to the higher dimension of the relationship itself, beyond the separate self.

The relationship – the dynamic that is created by being in relationship – matters more than my opinion, my beliefs, my wants.

To trust ones self is to trust the dynamic of the relationship we cultivate with self. To trust life is to trust the relationship with all of life. Its beauty, its horror, its yielding, its unyielding. That greater than us is a pattern of perfection unfolding of which we play a small yet significant part.

Photo taken September 11th 2018


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