The importance of an Integrity Council

Success breeds hubris. All of that work to get to success, however you define it, becomes forgotten as our success stabilises.

Equally, those who are fortunate enough to have a life of privilege gifted to them, never knowing the experience of living on the edge, striving to build something from nothing, often see those with less as deficient in some way, lesser than, lazy, always seeking handouts.

We become infected with hubris in many different ways, often slowly, blinded to it finding fertile ground in our psyche.

No one is immune.

An Integrity Council is a thoughtfully considered team of people who have life experience and who know us, the best of us and the worst of us, and will never fear inviting us to consider when hubris has occupied our interior. They will also hold us as steward leaders, if that is a role we have chosen, of bringing to life an idea, and in the process maintaining the Pattern Integrity of that idea, against all temptations.

Great businesses often fall to the slow infestation of hubris. Arrogance seeps in, staff begin to treat customers as objects, the business falls in love with counting numbers, objectification takes over from the original love that was the source idea.

An Integrity Council is a potential antidote to this.

Photo taken September 12th 2020

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