Night magic.

Sleep is one of my favourite things to do. In my sleep I fly. I fall. I go places unknown. I disappear.

Most of all I use the dark of the night to create. To answer the hard questions. To drop below the noise of my 1000 voices competing for my attention.

I have a simple process. I take the burning question, the one that needs an answer and a choice, and I put it under the pillow, metaphorically.

I trust that during the night all the voices will relax and the still quiet voice of truth will rise. I then determine to sleep well, knowing the process is in place. Trusting it.

In the morning, I ask for the answer. The one that arises first is the answer. I do not argue with it, for that would be to argue with the wisdom of my quiet self.

It is no surprise that I have a brand named 2:23AM. It is in the dark hours, the quiet times, that what is calling for our attention cannot be denied.

Attend to what is calling you awake in the dark hours. She will start with a whisper, and become a roar. She will not be silenced. Your precious life is calling. Heed her call.


Photo taken September 12th 2018


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