Autonomy = self law

Our capacity to be autonomous requires a high degree of self awareness as to how our values and beliefs have been influenced by others.

Part of adulting is determining if our cultural influences are ones that we want to adopt as our own.

Quality parenting and education supports children to be exposed to many other cultures and beliefs to enable autonomy of choice.

When we are coerced to act or behave in a way that might not reflect our own values and beliefs we have low autonomy.

Coercion occurs in many ways. Wanting to be part of the ‘in’ tribe. Through bullying and its variations including blackmail. Shaming. Ridicule. Having low or no awareness that a belief and world view we have adopted is one of many possibilities.

To choose autonomy is often the more difficult path, for it goes against the grain of conformity in many cases.

At the end of the day, as we look into our eyes in the mirror, there is only the question of our own heart and conscience.

“Did I choose to act in full alignment to my own values and beliefs? And are these values and beliefs really mine? Am I missing other world views? If so, what are they and how might I learn about them?”


Photo taken September 13th 2018


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