Creating the structure for a whole life

The nature of life is emergent, towards creativity. There is a generative function to existence that seeks novelty. When this generative function stops we move into decay, be that decay of body, mind or spirit.

For this to happen at its most powerful it needs to be within a structure, a shape that creates the field for emergence.

Without the shape and structure there is a wild and undisciplined element to our creativity. 

Art…life.. needs discipline and structure to become whole in its expression.

Similarly, as we age, we tighten the structure too much, and we smother the field of creativity. This is evident by our abhorrence for change, the threat change has to our established identity.

To be wise is to know what the elements of our structure might hold that provides the possibility for our peak creativity. To also know where we cling too tightly to that which provides us with a false sense of security.

The dance between letting go and being clear about that which best serves us is a daily practise.

Photo Taken September 15th, 2019


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