Rejection, like most human emotions, comes in many shades.

You might be impervious to the feeling in many areas of your life, yet be completely paralysed by rejection in one single domain.

If rejection was a cartoon character, he would be a sneaky character, wearing many disguises.

We might construct a whole life to avoid meeting rejection. That is how powerful he is.

Our yearning to belong, to be accepted, to be seen, is of such gravity that the pain of being rejected will literally bring us to Earth, crashing.

We belong here. Yet we also have spaces and places that are atuned to our being. Finding our fellow others means risking rejection.

In our yearning to be home, to be seen and held and loved, we mistake being rejected as a dismissal of our essential self. We conflate it with not being enough. Not being right.

What it is is discernment of what is not home. Of those who are not our people.

Rather a tribe of one, or two, than a crowd of the uncommitted.


Photo taken September 15th 2018


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